Help Sponsor the Shire!

We really need the help of the community to make this amazing space happen. Our Journey begins with getting 30 amazing Businesses choosing to donate a monthly amount.

Not only will you be helping to support a much needed community but we will also acknowledge your sponsorship on on our social sites and within our Space.

Please Help us to help others.

Sponsors of the Adoringly Shire

 A popular eatery and café, Slocum and Ferris is one of the oldest businesses in Canada's oldest farmers market. We are also a proud Sponsor and provider of Food for Adoringly Shire.

Slocum and Ferris
Saint John Tool Library

New Brunswick’s first tool library and DIY workshop in Saint John, driven to help, teach, and share the tools and techniques to maintain a property and grow our community. We are a proud monthly sponsor of Tools and funding.

Business Automation, Digital Event Management and Consulting Services

We can help you to also plan and implement your affordable Digital Strategy. 

Breakout - Escape Rooms

Breakout Saint John offers a unique activity unlike any other in our city. It is great for an evening out with friends or family and is also perfect for team building and corporate events. Bring your team of 2-8 players and try to escape our themed rooms within 60 minutes using your thinking, teamwork and problem solving skills. Check out our site for more information about the games we have available. We also have virtual and portable games for those who wish to play offsite, with virtual games for groups of up to 490 people and our portable mega-mystery games for 100+ players

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